My favorite spot I’ve taken today. And I’ve taken some really wild and glamorous photos today shooting #Fergie.

Look who I found on set today, my long lost pal Jonas Steadman. Pals since we were wee punks of the 70’s. Taught me my first cuss word rhyme song.

15 years ago (yesterday but I . had to work, so we’re dating today) this magical woman and I walked into a courthouse in East LA.

Hello LA sunset.

Two new projects at Skyfarm complete! Piano sconces and Proud Mary front landing.

Mette strikes again!

A rather silly detective novel that gets really good when it switches to biblical magical realism. The inclusion of clay born history tends to fascinate and a good Jew always makes a great hero.

My CHICKS are such natural artists. Unbidden, they just make stuff. While mommy and daddy were napping off the big day at the pumpkin patch, Mette just knocked this out on her own.

Evening comes down in simple splendor at Skyfarm.

Ilse, my Queen of the Corn Maze.